• 04:57 - 20/05/2017

    Coca Cola can be divided into two halves or hay wrap is one of the nicest packaging in the world. The packaging of the Egg brand Happy Egg is made from hay. This design is not only environmentally friendly but also very unique.


  • 04:40 - 20/05/2017

    No need for long information, the following products will conquer customers from the first look.

  • 04:12 - 20/05/2017

    I. What is EVA?
    E.V.A is the name of a plastic resin which is an acronym for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer, a compound of Ethylene and Acetate. Produced by the pressure stage with a pressure of more than 2,500 atmospheres.

  • 04:01 - 20/05/2017

    Despite signs of intellectual property infringement, a company in Vinh Long province has been allowed by the provincial Department of Industry and Trade to continue trading in products with the excuse of "avoiding waste and helping the company pay its debts".

  • 03:56 - 20/05/2017

    At 5.5, discuss with Thanh Nien reporter, Ha Thi Anh Thu, Secretary of Binh Son District Party Committee (Quang Ngai), confirmed Quang Ngai People's Committee approved the recovery of nearly 50 hectares of coconut water in Binh Phuoc ( Binh Son District) to build a reservoir to supply water to the Powder Factory

  • 03:50 - 20/05/2017

    Currently in many countries, especially advanced countries, people are always wary and careful use of packaging such as foam boxes, plastic bags, bottles, plastic containers, teat nipples, baby bottles Because, if used improperly, they can cause harm to health.