About Us

In the context of the current market, consumers have difficulty in distinguishing and evaluating products. Every business wants to try to create a style, an image, and an impression of their own product to bring the brand into the mind of the customer. Along with the development of your business - We, TAN VIET PHAT PACKAGING CO., LTD specializes in producing all kinds of packaging, with many years professionals in plastic industry, combine and try not. Stop in the construction to meet the needs and high demands of the customer's products towards perfect quality. Not only that, we are always looking for creativity in work to provide reasonable price for the products.

In addition, we have been trying not to stop building TAN VIET PHAT PACKAGING CO., LTD becomes: Friendly - more professional! Always ready to support consulting any questions of customers when asked!

With years of experience in the packaging industry, we understand the role and meaning of this industry to customers in the process of preserving and shipping their products.

Our motto is to serve all needs of customers, regardless of the value of goods large or small. Serving a wide range of customers, all segments of the market to diversify the profession to serve as well as expand the market to promote the name of TAN VIET PHAT PACKAGING CO., LTD.

Putting customers at the heart of the company's development, we always serve to ensure timely, on schedule, quality as committed. All services related to the promotion before and after the sale will be conducted soonest, fastest, most convenient to bring the highest satisfaction to customers.