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Plastic packaging: Misuse is very dangerous!

Currently in many countries, especially advanced countries, people are always wary and careful use of packaging such as foam boxes, plastic bags, bottles, plastic containers, teat nipples, baby bottles Because, if used improperly, they can cause harm to health.

Foam sponge used only once

First of all, sponge materials, sponges, coffee sponges, food sponges ... are made of thermoplastic polyethylene (PS). It should be noted that sponge packing is only used once and then discarded. Plastic packages such as PP bags are polypropylene, polyethylene, HDPE, polyethylene terephthalate, etc. .

Plastic packaging: Misuse is very dangerous! - first

Packaging made of resins not rinsed with detergent Photo: coppy

PE is used to make bottled drinking water and bottled water; PP, HDPE and PETE are hard plastic used to make food containers, beverages, bottles, cooking utensils, including toys and some plastic bags. These can be reused, meaning that the user is plastic, and can be reused for drinking water or food again. However, it is advisable that the plastic packaging mentioned above is not washed with detergent as it will infiltrate the plastic, which can be harmful to drinking water and food.

In order to mold the packaging, plasticizers are similarly structured to form so-called "phthalate derivatives" such as monobutyl phthalate (MBP), dibutyl phthalate (DBP), benzylbutyl phthalate (BZBP), monomethyl phthalate (MMP) ... These phthalates are absolutely not used in food packaging and pharmaceuticals.

Today, however, phthalate derivatives can still be used as plasticizers for plastic food containers and it is difficult to know how plastic containers contain these harmful substances. If the packaging contains food and during re-use of high-temperature heating, the phthalates are removed, contaminated with food and ingested into the human body will be harmful. Thus, using a plastic bag is relatively safe, so do not use it to store food, objects that have a high temperature or do not heat them.

What are the harmful phthalates?

Phthalates are harmful to many aspects of the body, but the biggest damage is endocrine disruptors. In particular, girls who are infected with phthalates will develop puberty before age.

Like many countries in the world, in our country is also the phenomenon of baby girlhood early. Early puberty in girls can be caused by two factors. First of all, the body of a girl has sexual disorders that lead to early puberty. For example, tumors in the hypothalamus or the pineal gland in the brain can cause increased estrogen levels soon enough for girls less than 8 years old to have puberty. The disorder itself is very individual and very rare. The second cause of concern is that environmental and disturbance may occur in a population of girls due to environmental disturbances such as phthalates.

Substances from the outside of the environment that are introduced into the human body act as estrogens, including phthalates, called xenoestrogens (that is, analogs, which act like estrogen from the outside into the body). . The girl's body is not puberty but by exposure to xenoestrogen it seems to have an amount of estrogen in the body. This hormone activates the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland secretes gonadotropins, activates ovarian activation, and triggers the onset of sexual phenomena.